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Our journey began in 2014, under the name Cozeh. We were the video production arm of a Singapore-based firm, ROHEI Corporation — a consultancy that partnered with leaders in building workplace cultures that honored people and results. We specialized in telling uplifting stories to inspire courage in our audiences and cause them to see the world through hope-colored lenses.

Over the years we witnessed the power of stories — how they can drive action and change.  At the same time, we increasingly found ourselves doing social impact projects. This opened our eyes to the overwhelming societal issues that plagued the South East Asian region.

One social issue became very close to our hearts: the orphan crisis in the Philippines. There are over 6 million orphans and vulnerable children in need of families. This compelled us to start Generations—Home, a nonprofit organization, in 2018 as an advocacy to bring awareness and drive change. Though we didn’t have experience as social workers, we knew how to tell stories.

Since then, the foundation has grown substantially and is now a licensed adoption and foster care agency, and serves pregnant women in crisis to prevent orphanhood. Studio Impact has also evolved into a holistic brand, marketing, and creative agency positioned to fuel the work of Generations—Home.

Our mission is to serve purpose-driven organizations — to tell their stories so that their causes can be known and their good work can be amplified. Our profits then go to Generations—Home. When you work with Studio Impact, you are not only investing in your own organization's success, but you are also contributing to causes for good and impacting generations.

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