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Video Production

We tell stories to inspire our audiences and cause them to see the world through hope, compassion, and courage.

Our Approach

What makes a good story?

Be clear

Speaks to the heart

Speaks to the mind

Be true







The Process

1. Get to know the client

  • Set objectives and goals

  • Reflect company values and culture

4. Production management

  • Scheduling

  • Planning

  • Logistics

2. Get to know audience

  • Angle video with clear message

  • Ensure an authentic connection between video and viewer

5. Production

  • Create a conducive environment

  • Take journalistic approach

3. Get creative

  • Develop a story synopsis

  • Decide on treatment and style

  • Create a script outline

  • Write interview questions

6. Post-production

  • Edited to ensure objectives are met

  • Guard story's authenticity

Our portfolio reel is available upon request

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